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Spawners can only be placed on one of the 20 tiles at the spawner grid behind the Nexus. Unlike Buildings, Spells and Summons they are not affected by the Stage timers. Spawners are paid for using Essence Currency essence.png.

Spawner Timers[edit | edit source]

A Spawner spawns its unit once when you place it initially. More units are spawned with the following cycle:

All Spawner tiles start in a glowing state. Every 2 seconds a random tile loses its glow and the Spawner on that tile is triggered. After 40s (2s * 20 tiles) no glowing tiles are left. Then the whole field starts glowing again and the spawning starts again.

So every Spawner is triggered at least once within 80s, but the order is very random.

Still it is useful to know to place new Spawners on fields that are still glowing, to get a spawn out of the current spawn-cycle.

When you place a Spawner on a glowing field the glow is consumed and your unit spawns instantly. That way you can try to spawn big waves at once by placing and syncing up Spawner placements with the trigger of already existing Spawners.